Flight double stack bird cage - $600 (Indianapolis)

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BRAND NEW! 40x30 I bought this from a person who posted it as a different cage. That I wanted. Got home and opened to find out it was NOT the cage he had advertised. I can not use this cage. Only one box has been totally opened. Good for smaller birds.. Quakers, Cockatiels, Ringnecks.. Conures, Caiques.. 600.00

Full Price list:
Caiques Babies: 1 female White bellied. 1 Black headed Male. Hatched in July. $1800 each. Lowered from $2000

UN-Weaned White Bellied Caiques. Hatched April 4th and 7th. Will be DNA tested as well. $2000 each. Excepting deposits to hold.

1 Male White Bellied Caique that was just returned to us. Person had to go to a living assistance. He hatched Last year, 2022 April 17th. He is $1800.00 Yes, He talks some. Hatch info on his DNA Certificate.
Female, White Bellied, leg banded. Not really pet quality, but could be worked with. Or could be for a possible breeder. $1400.00 for her. Hatch Date: 12/20/19

Jardine baby. Weaned, Male Hatched Aug. 18th. $3800 Lowered from 4500.00

Alexandrine babies. Weaned .. 2 left available hatched Sept. 14th Female, and the 17th. is a Male. $3400 each. Lowered from 4500.

This will be the last of our Quaker babies... down to one more pair left.. that we will be selling. Blue Opaline Pair.. And these will be our last quaker babies!
Emerald Dark Green. Female, Hatched Sept. 29th. No Clip. $500
Emerald Green. Hatched Nov. 9th $550.00 Female
Emerald Green. Hatched Nov. 15th. $550.00 Female

2 FEMALE light olive green.. (Green Pallid) Hatched Dec. 13th and Dec. 15th. one is $650 and the other is lower due to one toe had been bitten after hatching by parents and is turned kind of upwards. $500

2 FEMALE White Blue Crossovers .. Hatched Dec. 12th. and Dec. 13th. $700 each.

1 Blue Opaline..MALE Hatched Dec. 7th. $650.00 Super sweet!. Missing one part of a toe on one foot and a couple of nails on the end of the toes..This was due to the parents nipping the toes after hatching. But nothing major.. still gets around great!.

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