White 24x22 Play Top Bird Parrot Cage - $225 (Indianapolis)

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Indianapolis, IN. Used play top cage. 24x22.. good for small type of birds such as Conures, Ringnecks, Caiques, quakers.. 225.00

Full Price list:
Caiques Babies: 1 female White bellied. 1 Black headed Male. Hatched in July. $1800 each. Lowered from $2000

UN-Weaned White Bellied Caiques. Hatched April 4th and 7th. Will be DNA tested as well. $2000 each. Excepting deposits to hold.

1 Male White Bellied Caique that was just returned to us. Person had to go to a living assistance. He hatched Last year, 2022 April 17th. He is $1800.00 Yes, He talks some. Hatch info on his DNA Certificate.
Female, White Bellied, leg banded. Not really pet quality, but could be worked with. Or could be for a possible breeder. $1400.00 for her. Hatch Date: 12/20/19

Jardine baby. Weaned, Male Hatched Aug. 18th. $3800 Lowered from 4500.00

Alexandrine babies. Weaned .. 2 left available hatched Sept. 14th Female, and the 17th. is a Male. $3400 each. Lowered from 4500.

This will be the last of our Quaker babies... Sold all of my breeder pairs!
Emerald Dark Green. Female, Hatched Sept. 29th. No Clip. $500
Emerald Green. Hatched Nov. 9th $550.00 Female
Emerald Green. Hatched Nov. 15th. $550.00 Female

2 FEMALE light olive green.. (Green Pallid) Hatched Dec. 13th and Dec. 15th. one is $650 and the other is lower due to one toe had been bitten after hatching by parents and is turned kind of upwards. $500

2 FEMALE White Blue Crossovers .. Hatched Dec. 12th. and Dec. 13th. $700 each.

1 Blue Opaline..MALE Hatched Dec. 7th. $650.00 Super sweet!. Missing one part of a toe on one foot and a couple of nails on the end of the toes..This was due to the parents nipping the toes after hatching. But nothing major.. still gets around great!.

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