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condition: new
4 1/2 month old Kunekune gilt active and healthy. Unregistered.
Pictures taken Friday April 26th
Her color is called orangish or a shade of Ginger and obviously she has many black spots. Her price is $175.
My parents bought the farm I grew up on when I was only one year old.
I have raised all kinds of animals every year of my life. I am a nature lover and I have a biology degree.
Consequently I do know a few things about animals but I'm certainly no self-declared expert.
I have had several breeds of pigs and the kune kune is by far the most pleasant enjoyable pig I have ever been around.
This is my first experience with them and when I go out and have a treat or am ready to feed them I simply yell out pigs and they come running.
When you work with them just a few short sessions and get them socialized well, if you lay down they may come right over and lay down with you or even on top of you. They are amazing.
Those of mine that are well socialized love grapes, apples, granola bars, and marshmallows. Use these treats and you will have best friends.
Pumpkins, gourds, and squash are favrites too.
I have researched a little bit of information that might help you understand these guys and I have attached them with the pictures for you to read.

Located about 25 minutes west of the Indianapolis 500 race track or 6 miles west of Brownsburg or 12 miles north of Danville or 12 miles south of Lebanon or 26 miles east of Crawfordsville

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