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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Multipurpose Fabric Dividers
model name / number: Anti-microbial w/ Chorine Shied
size / dimensions: CLICK TO SEE MORE⬇️MATERIALS

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UNUSED PRIVACY CURTAINS - Multiple Colors Available

PURCHASE ONLINE: 👉https://www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com/privacy-curtains/

Questions?? Call Us @ 877-282-USED (8733)

ALL LOCATED @👉70 State St., Williston, SC 29853

🟢$25.00 | Free Shipping
72"x30"- 1.89 lbs | 3-pack
Medium Mesh Panels w/ snaps and grommets

🟢$25.00 | Free Shipping
72"x20"- 1.56 lbs | 3-pack
Small Mesh Panel w/ snaps and grommets

🟢$30.00 | Free Shipping
72"x64"- 4.35 lbs | 3-pack
Privacy Sage Curtain Panel w/ snaps

🟢$30.00 | Free Shipping
72"x64"- 4.35 lbs | 3-pack
Privacy Champagne Pebble Curtain Panel w/ snaps

🟢$30.00 | Free Shipping
72"x64"- 4.35 lbs | 3-pack
Privacy Cool Blue Curtain Panel w/ snaps

Price Comparisons: ModoMed: $232.47 | Grayline Medical:$186.99 | Our Price:$75.00 (Mesh Panel and Curtain Panel)

Product Note: Mesh panels have snaps and grommets to connect to curtain panels

Mesh Panels available in two sizes to fit different height ceilings: (see photo for reference)
8’ ceilings – 20″ mesh (Small) | Height: 20″ | Width: 72″
9’ ceilings – 30″ mesh (Medium) | Height: 30″ | Width” 72″
Curtain Panel Sizes: Height: 64″ | Width: 72″
Manufacturer: Prime Medical
Colors: Cool Blue, Sage Green, Champagne
Material: 100% Polyester and Nylon
Weight: Approx 7 lbs.
Quantity Sold: 3 Packs of each
Shipping Method: UPS, LTL or Local Pick-Up
backSTORY: These Privacy Curtains are specialized and designed to withstand frequent cleaning with bleach without compromising their integrity or appearance. These curtains are typically used in medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings where stringent hygiene standards are essential. “Once washed in EPA registered bleach along with your favorite detergent in a regular wash, activates the killing power of Chlorin. Re-wash activates the fabric and over time the fabric becomes softer and softer. Bleach safe wash after wash and doesn’t fade” – Wayne. How will you “reuse” or “repurpose” these Privacy Curtains?


🟢$450.00 | Black-Partial-Approx 150yds-144lbs
🟢$1,350.00 | Blue-Approx 450yds-331lbs
🟢$450.00 | Blue-Partial-Approx 150yds-144lbs
🟢$1,350.00 | Champaigne-Approx 450yds-331lbs
🟢$450.00 | Champaigne-Partial-Approx 150yds-144lbs
🟢$450.00 | Green-Partial-Approx 150yds-144lbs
🟢$1,350.00 | Light Blue-Approx 450yds-331lbs
🟢$450.00 | Light Blue-Partial-Approx 150yds-144lbs
🟢$1,350.00 | Navy-Approx 450yds-331lbs
🟢$450.00 | Navy-Partial-Approx 150yds-144lbs
🟢$450.00 | White Lining-Approx 450yds-331lbs
🟢$1,350.00 | White-Approx 450yds-331lbs
🟢$450.00 | White-Partial-Approx 150yds-144lbs

🟢$121.00 | White-14"x160yds-6lbs
🟢$176.00 | White-20"x160yds-11lbs
🟢$265.00 | White-30"x160yds-17lbs
backSTORY: Discover a world of creativity within our workshop, where leftover fabric rolls from our renowned Privacy Curtains await transformation. Among them, you'll find both polyester and mesh options, each offering unique potential. Craft apparel, flags, banners, or upholstery items with our versatile polyester rolls. Alternatively, explore the breathability and durability of mesh fabric, perfect for sports equipment, apparel, and beyond. With widths to suit various projects, the choice is yours. How will you repurpose these fabric rolls into your next masterpiece?

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