Anatolian shepherd (free to good home (Indianapolis)

I have a 4 month old Anatolian shepherd for anyone who is willing to treat him well, have time, patience and space for him! He’s a goofy little guy who doesn’t know how big he is, who in reality is such a big baby. I am possibly moving to a college that’s far away and don’t know if family will care for him as much as I care for him.

More info
He hates car rides but does better than what he once did. (He does not know how to get in a car but does know how to get off) he loves toys, he knows the words “sit” “mano” (which means hand/paw) “down” “stay” and knows to stop when being told.
He does not bite nor is aggressive with our chickens and has tried to put them in our coop.

He does well around small dogs.

If you take him to the park and he sees something he likes he will bark or whine for the item (I have spoiled him which might be the reason he does this but he stops when I tell him to stop)

He does well around small children. (My little sister (toddler) touches him or sometimes plays a bit to hard with him and he’s never been aggressive towards her, he wags his tail in happiness.

He’s afraid of loud noises and bathing 😂

He loves the snow and loves the people he meets (he does get scared at first til he warms up to you and when he does he won’t leave your side)

All I’m asking for him is to have a good loving home that will offer him a big space since he is a big breed dog and currently wears a XXL vest.

Please message me if you’re interested and are willing to send me pictures of him every few weeks to see how he is (since I still deeply love him)

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