Social Media Influencer at Startup Company (Indianapolis)

compensation: $200 per day of filming 9am - 5pm
Role Description

This is a contract-based influencer role for our startup company available on-site in Indianapolis, IN. The successful candidate will be responsible for starring in video content for our brand, and being the new face of our company online, as well as in demo videos for our website and informational content.


- Have an abundance of energy and be comfortable doing long video shoots in front of the camera in TikTok format.
- Brand Representation: Be the authentic and enthusiastic representative of our company on TikTok, embodying the brand's values and identity.
- Content Creation: Work with our creative director to develop creative and engaging video content for TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms that resonates with our target audience.
- Collaboration: Collaborate with our marketing team to brainstorm and execute innovative content ideas that showcase our products/services in a compelling manner.
- Audience Engagement: Interact with followers, respond to comments, and participate in trends and challenges to boost audience engagement and grow our TikTok community.
- Promotional Activities: Participate in promotional activities, giveaways, and campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to our products/services.


- Proven experience as a TikTok influencer with a strong and engaged follower base.
- Excellent communication and storytelling skills.
- Creative mindset with the ability to ideate and execute engaging content.
- Understanding of current TikTok trends and the ability to adapt content to resonate with the platform's audience.
- Strong collaboration skills and a team player mentality.

- If you are passionate about personal safety, and believe you have the charisma and creativity to elevate our brand on TikTok, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Please submit your application, including your TikTok handle, a portfolio of your previous TikTok content, and a brief cover letter outlining why you would be the perfect fit for our company.

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